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High Density vs Low Density, Interior vs Coast: Where to look for Portugal Real Estate?

Updated: Oct 17

One of the options to get one of the best Golden Visa Programs in the world is to buy a Real Estate Property, Residential or Commercial. But since January 2022 new location restrictions apply and that’s why, now more than ever, it’s important to have YPT to assist you.

Portugal Real Estate

Before we go into the subject you should memorize the following :

1. Low density “equals“ a 20% discount

2. Rehabilitation Project “equals” a minimum of €350.000 of investment

3. Six concepts/words Residential vs Commercial, High Density vs Low Density, Interior vs Coast.

So what are the main changes in Real Estate options since January 2022 for investors to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa?

I. Buy Residential Real Estate only in designated Interior areas of Portugal

II. Buy Commercial Real Estate anywhere in the country

III. Buy Residential or Commercial Real Estate in the islands of Azores and Madeira

Also, in any of the above, the minimum investment is €500.000, except - and now is the time to apply what you memorized before - when investing in rehabilitation projects, where the minimum drops to €350.000 and - let’s use our memory again - can have a discount of 20% if the property is located in low-density areas, where the value drops to €280.000.

Additionally, to make your decision, it’s very important to know where are the High Density and Low-Density areas in Portugal, as well as where the Non-Interior areas stop and the Interior areas start to decide on a Residential or Commercial Real Estate Property.

Let us give you a tip: The Museum-city of Evora, classified as a world heritage by UNESCO, is in the Interior of Portugal and is in a Low-Density area. Definitely deserves being looked at!

YPT Golden Visa & Investment

We see our clients as a family at YPT Golden Visa & Investment, so we worry and care about them. They matter.

We're not just saying this because it sounds good.

We take our work seriously and are passionate about our client's well-being and investments.

That’s why without a doubt we believe we should be anyone’s priority if considering a Portugal Citizenship by Investment Visa, aka Golden Visa.

So contact us by email at for a free consultation or click here for more information.

YPT Golden Visa & Investment

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