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Investing in Real Estate For A Portugal Golden Visa?

Updated: Apr 30

Moving to Portugal (or somewhere else for that matter) requires quite a bit from us. The possibility of a fresh start usually drives that decision, but there’s still a lot to consider. And all this contributes to making what could be your (and your family’s) best decision yet.

Investing in Real Estate For A Portugal Golden Visa? by YPT Golden Visa & Investment

A Fresh Start

Moving to another country is an important decision in anyone's life that affects not only you, but also your family, so if you’re going to do it, might as well choose a country like Portugal, with sunny weather, amazing beaches, and welcoming people.

Migrating will for sure expand your horizons. It will get you in contact with a different culture and you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone or you’ll not enjoy it to the fullest.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don´t belong”

N. R. Narayana Murti

Reasons for Moving

The most common reasons why people seem to want to migrate to other countries are:

  • Better job opportunities

  • Better education

  • The weather

  • Political system

  • Higher living standards

  • Safety

The bottom line is that sometimes we just feel a need for a change in the scenery, a fresh start somewhere else. We can’t explain it, just do.

As you do it, you will meet a new “you”, a stronger “you”. Someone who is less afraid of adversity affects every other area in your life.

Deep Life Changes

Truth is, language and culture are ways for each of us to express ourselves, so we're not so different from each other when it comes to the basics of being human.

It’s only obvious, that as you contact different expressions of self (i.e. different languages and cultures), you will undoubtedly grow as a person. For that reason in Portugal - at least - we encourage our children around 18-20yo to go on an “interRail” which means traveling with a backpack across the E.U.

When moving to Portugal, whatever your reasons may be, that decision should be as conscious and aware as possible.

Coastal vs Inland

If you enjoy walks along the sea (or river), maybe you should look into Lisbon, and Cascais (15-20km from Lisbon) which are some of the top picks by the American expat community.

If you prefer the countryside, I would suggest the city of Évora with its white typical houses and more than 2000 years of history, just 130km away from Lisbon.

As of 2022, only Commercial real estate on most of the Portuguese coast (that includes Lisbon and Cascais) is eligible for a Portugal Golden Visa, while as you go inland (like Évora, for instance) not only commercial but also residential real estate is eligible.

Lisbon - the capital of Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Not only that but is also very central geographically and home to about 500.000 people, making it the largest city in Portugal.

It's fairly laid back and considered to be safe with a relaxed pace. You’ll find several expat communities here, people are welcoming, and most of them speak English (and even enjoy doing it).

Lisbon is also a tech hub with many startups and Digital Nomads.

It's not easy to rent a house in this city (which explains its renting market), because most vacant ones are on short-term-rental, due to the big influx of tourists all year long. That influx of tourists, however, also means it's a good alternative if you’re considering investing in real estate.

If renting on a long-term basis, you can aim for about a 3-5% annual return on your investment, plus an appreciation of about 10-15% a year.

Most investors choose to acquire a home to live in the outskirts (like Cascais or Évora) and another in Lisbon for investment purposes.

An apartment in Lisbon could range anywhere from 80.000€ to 15.000.000€, depending on its location, size, and bedrooms.

If you’re interested in renting, prices could range between 600€ to 15.000€ per month, depending on the same factors (location, size, and the number of bedrooms).

Cascais - by the sea

Cascais is such a nice small town with a small village feel.

It has many different beaches, and a beautiful landscape, and invites us to take long walks along what the locals call “paredão de Cascais”, a pathway of 2,75km connecting different beaches from Cascais to São Pedro do Estoril (and even way beyond that if you’re in the mood).

It also has a lot to offer to yacht and water sports fans (Its marina has hosted global events such as America's Cup).

The price to buy an apartment in this location can range anywhere between 120.000€ to 6.500.000€, depending on location, size, and bedrooms.

Rent-wise, an apartment may range between 800€ to 15.000€ a month depending on its location, size, and several bedrooms.

Évora - Beautiful countryside just 130km away from Lisbon

It's the capital of Alentejo but is mostly known for its historical monuments such as the roman temple and medieval walls, and for being a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Before having been conquered by the Romans in 57 BC, it was already a Celtic town. So you can be sure it has its amount of historical sites.

Prices here can range between 50.000€ to 2.500.000€ depending on different factors like size, bedrooms, and location.

Rent-wise, prices may vary between 750€ up to 1.500€ a month, but truth be told there aren’t many options.

Entry Visas

Depending on the intentions (duration + purpose) of your stay, there are 3 types of Visas available - a Portuguese National Visa, a Schengen Visa, and a Golden Visa.

It´s important to specify that with a Schengen Visa, you still have to apply for entry into another Schengen country. It is not a replacement for the Golden Visa.

Investing in a Portugal Golden Visa is the closest thing to obtaining Portuguese Citizenship, because you´ll be granted similar rights, and after 5 years you can apply for actual citizenship.

The Portugal Golden Visa

It’s a special residency permit for investment purposes, that allows its holder to travel visa-free across all Schengen countries (i.e. most of Europe) while granting similar rights to a national citizen.

It can include the holder's family (aka "Family Reunification") and after 5 years, they all can apply for Portuguese citizenship, therefore becoming European citizens.

There are also many other reasons why an investor should consider a Portugal Golden Visa first and foremost, other than the family reunification, 5 years for citizenship, and Visa-free travel across Europe, like:

  • Multiple investment options

  • Access to Public Services like health care and education

  • Favorable taxes (for example, a total tax exclusion on your income for 10 years, if you choose to live in Portugal at least 183 days a year)

Please check the link below if you wish to get more information on the other Visas.

YPT Golden Visa & Investment

At YPT Golden Visa & Investment, we specialize in investments specifically related to the Golden Visa Program, which fast-tracks Portuguese residency in exchange for an eligible investment.

Here, we see clients as a family, so we worry about them and care about them. They matter.

We take our work seriously and are passionate about our client's well-being and investments.

We are sure if you’re truly considering such a major decision in your life, many more questions will certainly come up, so feel free to consult us, and we’ll answer them all.

Please contact us for a free consultation.


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