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Bring your Family


citizenship after 5 years


visa-free travel in E.U.


Short stay

Spend only 14 days in Portugal for each 2 years (7 days per year)


Family reunification

Include spouse, dependent children and senior parents under your investment 


Multiple investment options and low thresholds

Several investment options, namely in private equity funds or properties


Visa free travel in EU Schengen countries


Visa free travel to more than 180 countries worldwide 

Portuguese passport ranks Top 5 on the global mobility spectrum


Access to public service, such as health and education

Access to public service 

such as health care and education


5 years to citizenship or permanent residence

 After 5 years of Golden Visa, you can apply for permanent residence permit or citizenship


Live and work in any of the EU countries with Portugal Citizenship


Favorable tax regime

NHR (Non Habitual Resident) tax regime allows a 20% tax rate or total tax exclusion on income for the first 10 years,  if you choose to live in Portugal 183+ days per year



Portugal Golden Visa, or Residence Permit for Investment, is a program that fast-tracks Portuguese residency in exchange for an eligible investment. The initial golden visa grants its holders a temporary residence permit for up to 5 years, after which investors can apply for a permanent residence permit or citizenship.  

who can apply for a PortugAL golden visa?

  • Non-EU nationals with a clean criminal record can apply for a Portuguese Golden Visa.

  • The following family members are eligible for application under the same single investment:

    • Spouse or legal partner​

    • Children under 18

    • Dependent children under 26 as long as they are single and full-time students or can demonstrate they continue to be financially dependent on their parents

    • Parents or in-laws over 65

    • Siblings under 18 from either spouse or partner if they are legal guardians 


Over 11 thousand investors and more than 18 thousand family members have benefitted from the Portugal Golden Visa since 2012

INVEstment options

Investment of €500,000 in participation units of private equity funds eligible for golden visa

companies and job creation

Incorporation of a company with 5 jobs, investment of  €500,000 and minimum 3Y investment period or creation of 10

capital transfer

Investment of €1,500,000 in bank deposit, public debt, securities, or other equity investment  



research activities

Transfer of capital for research activities developed by institutions integrated in the national scientific and technological system with a minimum investment of €500,000.

Family at a Beach

why portugal: FAMILY

  • Portuguese golden visa framework allows for the application of direct family members under one single investment

  • Portugal ranks as the 3rd safest country in the world.

  • High quality of life, with affordable cost of living.

  • Great work and life balance.

  • Healthy living and eating.

  • Pronounced international schools.

  • Average of more than 300 sunny days a year.

  • Visa-free travel in the Schengen area. 

why portugal: Business

  • Portugal has an attractive business environment for entrepreneurs in all business fields.

  • Capital efficiency mindset.

  • Welcoming towards foreign investors and employees.

  • Knowledgeable workforce, young, brilliant and energetic.

  • Lower costs compared to other European countries, which serves as an advantage for start-ups and other new businesses.

A couple at a business meeting
Porto Historical Houses

why portugal: Geographic and Demographic

  • Happy and healthy population.

  • Population of 10.28 million.

  • Portugal is one of the EU Schengen Area countries.

  • English is widely spoken.

  • Portuguese Atlantic coastline filled with sandy beaches.

  • Azores and Madeira Islands.

  • Proximity to some of the most important markets in the EU.

  • Great trade relations with Africa, Brazil and USA.

why portugal: Taxpayer

  • NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) Tax regime: a tax system that allows total exclusion or up to 20% tax rate on the taxation of income for the first 10 years for expats who choose to live in Portugal 183+ days per year.

  • The Portuguese system has focused on the creation of tax benefits, strengthening of legal mechanisms to eliminate international double taxation and the establishment of certain periods for the reporting of tax losses.

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